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Is {{answer_12005021}} {{answer_12005046}}in {{answer_12005061}}, {{answer_12005065}} your primary residence? *

A primary residence is one in which you reside.
Did the alleged discriminatory act occur while looking for, inquiring about, or applying for a new primary residence? *

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The type of property in which you live, were evicted from, or sought housing:

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Did the alleged discriminatory behavior occur within the last 330 days (11 Months)? *

Did the alleged discriminatory behavior occur within the last 90 days (3 months)? *

Do you have any tangible proof that the discriminatory act occurred within the last 360 days? *

Do you have any email or other dated written correspondence which could be used as evidence? *

The following questions are for the person who was discriminated against

Are you disabled and have supporting documentation to prove it? *

Select the disabilities below which apply to the person who was discriminated against. *

Do you require, or have, a service dog or an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)? *

Do you have a letter from a medical professional prescribing the service dog or ESA? *

Were you told during your search for housing, or during the application process, that your Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal could not live on the property with you because of their Rules and Regulations *

Were you told during your search for housing, or during the application process that your Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal would be subjected to a Pet Deposit, Pet Fee, or Pet Rent after you disclosed you were Disabled and required your Service Animal/ESA? *

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